Population and distribution of Mangrove prawns at Kranji Nature Trail estuaries, Western Johor Straits.

For sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems, there is a pressing need to increase our knowledge of  diversity and ecology of mangroves flora and fauna. This study aims to determine the population and distribution of the mangrove prawns found in Kranji Nature Trail estuaries. Besides, experimental techniques used in this project also offer insight into further studies of prawns in mangrove ecosystem.

Currently, 6 species of mangrove prawns were reported at Kranji Nature Trail estuaries, they are: Alpheus euphrosyne, Alpheus microrhyncus, Caridina propinqua,  Potamalpheops tigger, Potalmalpheops johnsoni and Athanas polymorphus. The study is mainly focused on the distribution of the Alpheus euphrosyne, the mangrove snapping shrimp.



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