Fiona's Mangrove Haven - Horseshoe Crabs of Kranji Mangroves

             Two species of horseshoe crabs can be found in the mangroves of Singapore. One is the more common Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda, and the other rarely seen Tachypleus gigas. It may be an interesting fact then, that the common name of the latter is  Singapore horseshoe crab, while the former's common name is mangrove horseshoe crab. Little ecological studies have been made on C. rotundicauda and thus we are unable to fully assess their status in our waters. There are some regional papers written, but not in english and thus not catalogued in common journals and indexes.A population study is thus necessary to kick start perhaps a series of other work to be done, and open paths for future studies.

     Now that the project (University Research Opportunity Programme in Science) has come to an end, this website as well as the blog (see below) summarises most of the happenings and results obtained from the 3 months of work. Also, plans are on the way to continue in the study of C. rotundicauda. Hopefully this website may serve as a stepping stone for others who wish to join the quest.


Objectives of study:

Fellow UROPs mate Teo Yenling (right) and Me (left).
Yenling worked on the population and distribution of  mangrove shrimps, also in the Kranji Nature Trail study site.
Both of us were under the supervision of Mr N. Sivasothi, research officer of Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR).

Draft maps drawn during mapping
Final map
Blog - Horseshoe crabs of Kranji Mangroves
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Poster! - Publicity poster for the talks held in NUS and SBNR
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