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We talk about power and empowerment,
but let us talk about responsibility.
We talk about management of the environment,
but perhaps we should be managing mankind, not the environment"

Ms Winona LaDuke

Vol 6 No 3
December 1999
Why we should NOT feed the monkeys
Bird Ringing at Sungei Buloh
Sluice Gate Management
Lesser Known Predators of Sungei Buloh
Butterfly Monitoring and Introduction at Sungei Buloh
International Coastal Cleanup Sep 99
Care for Nature Family Hunt 99
Journal of a Nature Warden Common Tailorbird
If we love our children we must love the earth with tender care and pass it on, diverse and beautiful, so that on a warm spring 10,000 years hence they can feel peace in a asea of grass, can watch a bee visit a flower, can hear a sandpiper call in the sky, and can find joy in being alive.

Hugh H. Iltis

Vol 6 No 2
August 1999
Common Tree Frog
Otters in Sight: Happy Additions
Journal of a Nature Warden: Large-Tailed Nightjar
Flying Fox (Pteropus scapulatus)
Dusky Encounters at Sungei Buloh
Weekend Fishing Survey
School Activities at Sungei Buloh
Spin Doctor at Work: story-telling by the Park
Whenever possible, nature areas
should be put to complementary use so that Singaporeans can enjoy our natural heritage and learn to appreciate nature

Prime Minister
Goh Chok Tong

6 Dec 1993

Vol 6 No 1
April 1999
Butterflies and their food plants
Traditional Prawn Harvesting
Birdsketching Workshop
Nature Talks at Sungei Buloh
"Insectopia: Land before time" about the insects at Sungei Buloh
Tree Climbing Crabs in Singapore Mangroves
Rhinoceros Beetle
Atlas Moth
Sungei Buloh 5th Anniversary Celebrations
Volunteer Annual General Meeting
Otters in Sight and a Masked Finfoot sighting
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