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A tree living for 50 years is worth an estimated $196,250. oxygen ($31,250), air pollution control ($62,000), soil erosion control & increased soil fertility ($31,250), recycle water ($37,500), a home for animals worth $31,250. This figure does not include the value of the fruits, lumber or beauty derived from the tree

Prof T M Das
University of Calcutta

Vol 7 No 3
Dec 2000

Traditional uses of mangroves
Reflections of a Rhizophora Seedling
Pink-necked Green Pigeon
Botanical Reveries: about the common names of plants
Cymbly Great: an extinct Cymbidium is rediscovered
Rediscovered Palm at the Park: Nibong
Deborah Yeo shares her volunteer experience
The value of trees by Julian
Nick's encounter with Smooth Otters at the Park
About the signboards at the Park
Up & Coming Boardwalks and Tower Hide
To see
a world

in a grain
of sand
And heaven
in a wild

Hold infinity
in the palm
of your hand
And eternity
in an hour

William Blake
cover of Vol 7 No 2
Vol 7 No 2
August 2000
The Truth about Grass
Butterfly-Plant relationships at the Park
List of butterflies at the Park (1999-2000)
Beauty to Behold how animals see
More about the eyes of animals at Sungei Buloh
Nesting Birds in Sungei Buloh
Nesting Little Heron of Sungei Buloh
A walk with a Volunteer Guide: Keith Hillier
Nature Photographer with a Mission: Julian Wong
Earth Day Programmes
Nature in the City
Many discoveries are reserved for ages still to come, when memory of us is effaced. Our universe is a sorry little affair unless it has something for every age to investigate...
Nature does not reveal her mysteries once and for all

Natural Questions
Book 7,
first century

Vol 7 No 1
April 2000
Divine Diversity
St. Andrew's Cross Spider
Journal of a Nature Warden: Yellow-bellied Prinia
Life in the Mangroves: snippets on plants & animals
Shorebird Population Monitoring (1992-1998)
Inundation in the Park: freak flooding at the Park
Service with a Smile: the Park's frontline staff
Field Ornithology training in Sarawak
Millenium mementos
Butterfly Trail Adoption
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