a publication of Sungei Buloh Nature Park

Vol 8 No 3
Dec 2001

chek jawa's
wet wonderland

aqua-tion for life roles of
water in life

where water
meets the lands
fishes of the Park

dispersal by h2o
seeds dispersed by water

some interesting notes on the pacific golden plover

10th international coastal cleanup 2001 and 5th mangrove cleanup

young ecologists@
sungei buloh nature park

an ode to a turtle
an ode
to a turtle
james gan
senior conservation officer
You came across the seas from yonder far,
To Singapore a sunny isle,
But your strength ebbed away,
Upon achieving your D-day

The tear drops from your eyes,
Bespeak of untold adventures and trials
But all have dried, never again to appear on face,
Even as the scutes fall from your carapace

Current and tide propel your ark
To Sungei Bulob Nature Park
Only to get stuck among the roots
Of a massive Rhizophora

A shout and exclamation,
The staff extricated you, yes, even in death
Ignoring the scent of foul breath

Purification took all of ten days
A time for removal of all decay
Many creatures had their fill
Until it was time to pay the bill

Now you rest lean & mean
Your bones are white and clean
Teaching tools they have become
To show the conservation way for some
© Sungei Buloh Nature Park