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Vol 8 No 2
Aug 2001

survivors of time: the horseshoe crab

insect study
tips on insect watching

the landward mangrove fringe

landmark invasion
a walk in the past

fat worries of common

Allan Teo
long-lasting companion
of the park

young naturalists
of the park

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javan munia
long-lasting companion
of sungei buloh

Allan Teo, 53, is a veteran volunteer guide of Sungei Buloh. An operations manager, he finds time to volunteer at the park with his son.

the first step ... I was led to the Sungei Bulob Nature Park by my twin sons who were doing a school project about the Birds of Singapore way back in 1994. The staff extended such great hospitality that I wanted to contribute back to the park what they had shared with us.

The serenity of the park and the different sightings also make Sungei Buloh an interesting place to visit. There is so much of Nature for us to relish here.

the growing years ... We had less people and attractions in the earlier days and our group of volunteers was not as organised as today. We virtually trained ourselves from the books we read and by joining the Nature Society to upgrade our bird watching skills. Now we have more organised training for the new volunteers by fellow experienced ones. Sungei Buloh has grown from strength to strength from its infant stage to its present mature stage. With all the ideas and contributions from staff and volunteers, we are beginning to see the fruits of our labour.

It is most heartening that the Management has been a very supportive bunch that looks after our volunteer group's interest. Being able to work with the staff makes my day.

the satisfaction ... After all these years, I still enjoy my guiding sessions and I relish every moment that I spend with the groups that I bring in. It is very satisfying to know that I have contributed my share of knowledge to the small and unaware group that followed me in.

the words of wisdom ... To our core volunteers, carry on the GOOD work. For all the rest of young volunteers, have no fear of leading any group. We have been through it before and we are all here to support you.

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