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Apr 2001

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bird ringing
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overview | new species | rare species | recaptures | tables
by james gan
senior conservation officer

Bird ringing has been conducted at Sungei Buloh Nature Park since 1990. In 2000, a total of 1,154 birds from 78 species (25% of Singapore's total bird species) were ringed.

The ringing field works were conducted both at the fresh and brackish water ponds at the Park during the day and night throughout the year. A summary of the numbers of birds ringed in 2000 is listed in Table 1.

The most commonly ringed bird species were (numbers in brackets):
Common Redshank (263)
Javan Munia (80)
Brown-throated Sunbird (73)
Mongolian Plover (61) and
Yellow-vented Bulbul (60).
Other interesting facts:
Heaviest bird ringed:
Eurasian Curlew weighing in at 730g
Lightest bird ringed:
Scarlet-backed flowerpecker which weighed in at a miniscule 4g

Six species new to the Park
were discovered for the first time.
In addition, some rare species of interest were caught.

There were 53 recaptures of birds that had been ringed prior to 2000.

In summary, bird ringing in 2000 has, for example, revealed the movement, abundance and survival rates of birds in Sungei Buloh Nature Park. Data collected are of use in the management of the Park.

This article is possible because of the field studies supported by NParks. Thanks to fellow ringers Ramakrishnan RK, Linda Goh, Adeline Chia, and Chan Su Hooi for contributing to the ringing work. Many others assisted with the ringing including staff, volunteers and friends especially Charles Lim, Stephen Chue, Patricia Phua, Kunasegaran, Sherina, Ali Ibrabim, Joseph Lai and Halilah Ahmad. In addition, I am grateful for the voluntary help from Wai Heng, Hock Keong and Nick Baker. Thanks too to Satish Sreedharan for training the staff in field ornithology, to Serene Ho for compiling and computerising a substantial number of records and to the many individuals who had contributed in some way.

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scarlet-backed flowerpecker

blue-throated beeeater

japanese sparrowhawk
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