a publication of Sungei Buloh Nature Park

Vol 8 No 1
Apr 2001

Breathing organs
in mangroves

Bird watching techniques

A place in space:

Bird ringing
in 2000

Gems of the park: volunteers

Our long

Public talks
at the park

of a nature warden
reflections of a
nature warden
by ramakrishnan r k
senior ranger

My love for animals started when I was a young boy, encouraged by my dad when he realized that I had amazingly good relationships with them. My collection of pets was slowly built up with his help. However, a time came when I had to give them up as we had to move house. Nevertheless my interest and respect for nature remained and grew.

The thought of being close to nature has always been on my mind and I was keen to find a job that would bring me closer to nature. The break came on January 9th of 1995 when I was selected to work as a Park Warden at Sungei Buloh Nature Park. Never did I, like many Singaporeans, realize that tucked in the Northwest of Singapore is a nature park brimming with great treasures.

With its diverse habitats, the Park supports innumerable species of plants and animals, that are adapted to the different habitats like freshwater ponds, brackish water ponds and mudflats. The Park is an ideal and important stopover point for many migratory birds flying between Siberia and tropical Southeast Asia during winter. The mangrove trees with their unique features of adaptation can tolerate saline conditions being endowed with a physiological mechanism for salt exclusion (e.g,. by excretion) and are morphologically adapted to their environment (e.g., by having aerial roots and vivapary of the embryo). This ecosystem also provides food and shelter for the animals.

During my five-year career, my passion for nature has developed further and I have grown to love and appreciate the park even more. What I do takes on added significance.Where once I took care of a few animals as pets, now I help to take care of a diverse habitat with many unique plants and animals.
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