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Vol 8 No 1
Apr 2001

Breathing organs
in mangroves

Bird watching techniques

A place in space:

Bird ringing
in 2000

Gems of the park: volunteers

Our long

Public talks
at the park

of a nature warden
  Public talks are regular affairs at Sungei Buloh Nature Park. Speakers range from invited specialists from different fields to the Park's own staff. Various topics were raised and discussed, all in the hope of increasing nature awareness among our visitors. Here are extracts of the talks that took place.

fabulous figs
by joseph lai conservation officer

Figs are fabulous plants possessing one of nature's strangest growth habits and handsome diversity of forms. The figs have a quiet but quintessential place in ancient civilizations, religion, mythology and traditions. Numbering about 800 species worldwide and distributed throughout the tropics and temperate regions, figs are well recognized especially the massive rooting banyans. Like rays of divine light, the banyan roots stream earthbound with seemingly reckless abandonment, filling not only the soft earth but also the fertile imagination of man. But here lies the paradox. Loved and revered by many, yet to some it is hated and condemned as a strangler of other trees or destroyer of buildings. However, not all figs are stranglers or destroyers.

This talk held on 10 Dec 2000 helped to increase public awareness of how fabulously beautiful figs are, how interesting they are in many aspects and most importantly, how vital figs are in the world.

encounters with places and plants
by ali ibrahim conservation officer

From the rare Rafflesia to the giant Redwood, plants are fascinating to look at. Often as you encounter plants or gain some kind of understanding about them, you will be keen to read or travel to places far and remote to further discover their special beauty. In this talk, Ali Ibrabim shared his encounters with places and plants to the public.
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