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Vol 8 No 1
Apr 2001

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in mangroves

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Bird ringing
in 2000

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Our long

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at the park

of a nature warden
our long suffering
by julian w
park volunteer

In today's fast-paced society, have you ever asked yourself if you have spent enough time with your loved ones? Most of us are too busy working and we often neglect the opportunity to spend time with them.

The same scenario also applies to our planet Earth, affectionately known as "Mother Earth". It is not, without a good reason, why we call her "Mother". From the day Man walked on the surface of the Earth, we live off her resources. She feeds us from her reserves of forests, rivers and ocean. She also provides us with water, a vital necessity for life. Unfortunately, Man has not been filial to her. Every year, rain forest many times the size of Singapore is destroyed for industrial, agricultural and commercial purposes; the ocean poached for seafood every day; rivers poisoned with industrial waste; the list just seems endless.

It is imperative for us to realise immediately, the harm that we are inflicting on our "Mother". We are plundering her resources much faster than she can regenerate. By doing so, we are upsetting Nature's intricate web of balance. Landslides, floods and global warming are tell-tale signs that our "Mother" might not he able to withstand our abuse. Rising global temperature have caused the ice sheets to shrink at both poles. Clearing rain forest also contribute to global warming. Imagine if there are no trees left, what would the world he like? It would most likely become a desert. I believe that it would take great effort to try and restore what has been destroyed. It would also take much effort to prevent extant flora and fauna from extinction. Everyone, as citizens of this world, should play their part in environmental conservation. Any effort, be it individual or group, and no matter how small or insignificant, helps.

It is time for us to show our concern. We have ONLY one chance and if we lose this chance now, it could spell extinction not only for the environment but perhaps also for Mankind. Maybe for our very own survival; our aim to preserve Mankind for eternity, we should start doing something now?
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