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Kingdom Animale | Phylum Chordata | Subphylum Vertebrata
  Phylum Chordata
The chordates possess long flexible rods of nervous material called notochords at some stage in their lives.

Subphylum Vertebrata
Fishes are the dominant vertebrates of the seashore, the main class being Osteichthyes (Infraclass Teleostei).

Fishes on the site
Family Syngnathidae
Seahorse Hippocampus
Pipefish Syngnathus

Family Synanceiidae
Stonefish Synanceja horrida

Family Batrachoididae
Toadfish Batrachus

Family Antennaridae
Angler or Frogfish Antennarius

Family Uranoscopidae
Stargazer Uranoscopus

Family Chaetodontidae
Copper Banded Butterfly Fish Chelmon rostratus

Family Plotosidae
Black Eel Catfish Plotosus canius

Family Balistidae
Leather jacket or Filefish Monacanthus

Family Triacanthidae
Tripod Fish Triacanthus
Family Pomacentridae
Damselfish Dischitodus

Family Siganidae
Rabbitfish or Spinefoot Siganus canaliculatus

Family Labridae
Wrasse Halichoeres

Family Serranidae
Tigerfish Centrogenys vagiensis
Marbled Grouper Epinephalus tauvina

Family Scatophagidae
Scat or Butterfish Scatophagus argus

Family Gobiidae
Shore Goby
Mudskipper Periophthalmus

Family Opichthyidae
Reef Eel

Family Muraenidae
Moray Eel

Family Tetraodontidae
Puffer or Globe Fishes
Shore environment
From A Guide to Seashore Life by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

@Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and Singapore Science Centre