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Kingdom Animale | Phylum Arthropoda | Subphylum Crustacea | Class Malacostrata
  Stone Crab
Myomenippe hardwicki
Family Menippidae

Order Decapoda

This common crab is easily recognised by its brown carapace and bright green eyes. It lives in rock crevices, pieces of wood along rocky shores and mangroves, as well as in mussel clumps, fish farms, kelongs and breakwaters. They grow to large sizes (width up to 12cm), feeding on shellfish, and are pests on green mussel farms. Fishermen usually tear off the large pincers for food. The whole crab is rarely eaten.

They are commonly referred to as the "Thunder Crab", alluding to the false belief that they do not release their pincer grip on one's fingers unless a clap of thunder is heard.
Shore environment
From A Guide to Seashore Life by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

@Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and Singapore Science Centre