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Kingdom Animale | Phylum Arthropoda | Subphylum Crustacea | Class Malacostrata
  Photo by Tan Bee HongCommon Rock Crab
Family Xanthidae

Order Decapoda

This common genus of local reefs and rocky areas, is represented by two main species, L. exaratus, and L. sanguineus. L. exaratus is by far the more common, easily separated from the other species by the presence of four teeth on its shell margin (not five). The genus is similar to Pliodius in having the tips of their pincer fingers spoon-tipped, presumably to scrape off algae or detritus. Their shells are however flatter, broader and smoother. Both species occur in a variety of colours and patterns, ranging from greyish to brown, and sometimes even orange with one or more white stripe(s). (Shell width up to 3.5cm).
Shore environment
From A Guide to Seashore Life by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

@Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and Singapore Science Centre