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Kingdom Animale | Phylum Arthropoda | Subphylum Crustacea | Class Malacostrata
Varuna litterata
Family Grapsidae

Order Decapoda

This remarkable species is euryhaline, i.e., it can live in both fresh and saltwater, being found not only in streams and ponds far inland, but also in mangroves, and the edge of the shore. The crabs are often seen on flotsam or floating seaweed, drifting with the currents. Their relatively flattened legs which are lined by hairs, enable them to swim for short distances. They are scavengers. (Width up to 4cm).
Shore environment
From A Guide to Seashore Life by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

@Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and Singapore Science Centre