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Kingdom Plantae
  Plant Index
Green Algae Division Chlorophyta
Green Algae
Sea Grapes Caulerpa
Calcified Algae
Sea Lettuce Ulva

Brown Algae Division Phaeophyta
Mermaid's Fan Padina
Sargassum Sargassum

Red Algae Division Rhodophyta
Red Encrusting Algae
Red Seaweed Grateloupiaceae
Monocotyledons Class Monocotyledoneae
Sea grass
Tape Sea Grass Enhalus
Fan Sea Grass Halophila

Nipah or Attap Palm Nypa fruticans

Dicotyledons Class Dicotyledoneae
Sea shore plants
Ambong-Ambong Scaevola taccada
Sea Hibiscus Hibiscus tillaceus
Tapak Kuda Ipomoea pescaprae
Sea Holly Acanthaceae

Mangrove Trees
Api Api Avicennia
Perepat Sonneratia
Shore environment
From A Guide to Seashore Life by Dr Leo W H Tan and Peter K L Ng
Published by the Singapore Science Centre and sponsored by BP

@Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research and Singapore Science Centre