Mandai Mangroves

First visit to Mandai Mangroves
From the blog of Lonely Ham,
a.k.a Ng Hua Qin. Thu, 3rd July 2003

Evening! I went on a field trip this morning. To Mandai Mangroves. It was my first time there. it was pretty exciting. Well, in a way.

The people I was with; let's see, who was there?
Siva, Yandi, Melissa, Samantha. Josh. Sean, and (can't remember the cameraman's name).

Things livened up a little after Siva sent me out alone to find a tributary that joins Sungei Mandai Besar.

I had trouble finding the place at first and when I returned to Siva, I was sent back to find the actual place! That took me a while. I thought i was looking for a wide water-logged stream but I found out later was a low-water load stream. Well, I shoud have realied it had not been raining for awhile and it was low tide as well. Silly me, right? Must be the lack of breakfast; ha!

I decided to take evidence of my trip there andd whipped out my trusty GD88 and started snapping photos, and decided to make a detour on my way back to take more photos. Howwever, the sunlight made it difficult to see my screen and the photos were taken on a trial and error basis. Ha! Siva did mention my photography skills suck. I agree. Ha! ha!

Finally rejoined the group - it was then the fun began. What fun? MUD WALK! My favourite event at mangroves. A close second to high tide walks.

I was feeling refreshed and clean....weird for a mud walk, right?

The film crew had problems walking in the soft mud due to the heavy equipment they were carrying and the inappropriate footwear. So I assisted them. It was fun though, but the assistance proved too much for my current fitness level. (Note the fact I'm a storeman that in NS, not infantry!)

iIwas exhausted and almost completely covered in mud. My breakfast of one Sneaker bar (taken before I rejoined the group)...sigh... was completely used up.

Too ba - no photos of the mud walk. I did want to take photos but but my hands were too dirty. I think Siva did take some photos; hope his memory card works. He dropped his camera into the water on the walk back during high tide!

Oh... to know what the high tide is about, remember to watch "Nature at our doorsteps" every Thursday at 9.30pm on Arts Central. if you're living in Singapore that is.

By the time we reached civilization (an Esso petrol kiosk), my bag was covered with mud, my energy was low, I was thirsty and hungry!

Thankfully had lunch with the crew and Siva at the newly built Bukit Timah market food centre. No photos of that either, sorry! Energy was very low then!

Hmm... come to think of it, when has my energy level been up nowadays? Must be slacking too much now I'm clearing leave!

I collapsed when I reached home, managed to read the papers before I koonzzz for an hour. Now waiting for 8pm to come to listen to music diary on yes933, Nature At Our Doorstep on Arts Central @ 9.30pm and meeting zhiping from rovers(nus) at 10pm to pay $40 and my immenity form.


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