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guide to the mangroves of singapore
Peter K L Ng and N Sivasothi (editors)
'Zebra' mussel
Mytilopsis sallei
Family Dreissenidae

An introduced bivalve from Central America and the Caribbean, it bears a similarity to true mussels (Family Mytilidae) both in shell form (elongate shell with broader posterior margin) and habit (attached to surfaces by secretion of byssus threads), but differ in their anatomy and organisation of muscles. They can tolerate a wide range of salinities and are found in many estuarine habitats.

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close-ups of empty shells
Left valve (top) and
right valve (bottom)
of Mytilopsis sallei
Shell length 2 cm
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From "A Guide to Mangroves of Singapore", Peter K. L. Ng and N. Sivasothi (editors)
Volume 1: The Ecosystem and Plant Diversity and Volume 2: Animal Diversity
Authors: Kelvin K. P. Lim, Dennis H. Murphy, T. Morgany, N. Sivasothi, Peter K. L. Ng,
B. C. Soong, Hugh T. W. Tan, K. S. Tan & T. K. Tan
BP Guide to Nature Series published by the Singapore Science Centre, sponsored by British Petroleum
2001 Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, The National University of Singapore & The Singapore Science Centre