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guide to the mangroves of singapore
Peter K L Ng and N Sivasothi (editors)
  Mangrove water skaters
These animals are predators that can move on the surface tension of water in wait of smaller insects.

The Mangrove pool skater
Xenobates sp.
Family Veliidae

1 mm

It is a brownish-black insect usually found in stillwater tide pools in large numbers, and there are probably three undescribed species in our mangroves.

The Mangrove stream skater
Stenobates insularis
Family Gerridae

Adult length:
about 3 mm

It has much longer swimming legs, and is black with two shiny white stripes. Found usually in flowing mangrove streams, also in aggregations, but less dense than Xenobates.
wide shot of skaters
Mangrove stream skaters
creating ripples on the water

magnified close-up of adults
Stenobates insularis

Another species S. biroi, which has only been found on the seaward fringe of Pulau Ubin so far. A gland on the ventral surface produces a repellent that reduces predation by fish.

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From "A Guide to Mangroves of Singapore", Peter K. L. Ng and N. Sivasothi (editors)
Volume 1: The Ecosystem and Plant Diversity and Volume 2: Animal Diversity
Authors: Kelvin K. P. Lim, Dennis H. Murphy, T. Morgany, N. Sivasothi, Peter K. L. Ng,
B. C. Soong, Hugh T. W. Tan, K. S. Tan & T. K. Tan
BP Guide to Nature Series published by the Singapore Science Centre, sponsored by British Petroleum
2001 Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, The National University of Singapore & The Singapore Science Centre