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guide to the mangroves of singapore
Flowering plants
Peter K L Ng and N Sivasothi (editors)
Kalak kambing
Finlaysonia obovata
Family Asclepiadaceae

Bay of Bengal to Moluccas. Locally at several northern sites.

Slender, woody climber, exuding white latex from broken surfaces; bark pale and papery; leaves opposite, blades shiny bright green, upside down egg-shaped, fleshy. Flowers in branched inflorescences at the leaf angles; petals yellow with purplish insides.
wide shot of climbers growing on a palm
Habitat of
Finlaysonia obovata

close-up of flowers
close-up of fruits
Fruit and dripping latex
Fruits green and fleshy, like two fleshy horns of a buffalo. Grows along tidal rivers. Leaves reportedly eaten as salads in the Moluccas. Vulnerable.
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From "A Guide to Mangroves of Singapore", Peter K. L. Ng and N. Sivasothi (editors)
Volume 1: The Ecosystem and Plant Diversity and Volume 2: Animal Diversity
Authors: Kelvin K. P. Lim, Dennis H. Murphy, T. Morgany, N. Sivasothi, Peter K. L. Ng,
B. C. Soong, Hugh T. W. Tan, K. S. Tan & T. K. Tan
BP Guide to Nature Series published by the Singapore Science Centre, sponsored by British Petroleum
2001 Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, The National University of Singapore & The Singapore Science Centre